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Thank you for your interest in supporting ACC National Capital Region in 2017.

In order to be considered for a sponsorship, you will need to complete and submit the application form below. If we receive your application by November 2, 2016, you will receive our reply by November 22, 2016. While we welcome applications received after November 2, opportunities will be subject to availability.

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(3) You will pay the sponsorship fee to ACC NCR by the applicable deadline.



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  • We strongly suggest you provide options. If you are not given your first choice, we will contact you to confirm your commitment.
  • If you apply to be a "Spotlight Sponsor," you will need to indicate the practice area(s) you would want to cover in the CLEs you would present. (Some suggestions: corporate law, corporate governance, compliance, contracts and transactions, global operations, government contracts law, employment and labor, litigation, non-profits and associations, technology, IP, privacy, small-law-department management, etc.) The firm/company can specify two different areas, or two of the same, or offer several options from which the Sponsorship Selection Committee could choose. Please indicate by numbering the order of preference of the areas.